Thursday, July 9, 2015

'Let them ride Uber!'

London's Underground train conductors need their sleep, you know;
Millions of commuters jammed buses, rented bicycles or simply walked for miles as a 24-hour strike shut down the British capital's well-known subway system and threw public transport into chaos.

Train drivers on the London Underground solidly supported the strike in a dispute over pay and schedules that take effect when 24-hour service is introduced on some lines later this year.
For most of its century and a half of existence the trains stop running after midnight, until the morning rush. The 21st century Underground would change that, along with pay schedules;
Transport officials say the offer included a 2 percent salary increase, a 500 pound ($770) night Tube launch bonus and an additional 2,000 pound ($3,080) bonus for night Tube train drivers.

Unions say management is trying to bulldoze new work patterns that will cause stress and wreck the work/life balance of people in critical safety jobs.
The 'work/life balance' of the masses who want to use 'mass transit'?

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