Saturday, July 11, 2015

Che's royalties at stake?

The London police are groveling, for suggesting that Cuba isn't a pacifist nation;
THE Met has issued a “sincere and unreserved apology” for staging a police terror training exercise in which one of the “terrorists” was wearing a Cuban flag T-shirt.
Heavens to Betsy! Cubans murdering people in foreign climes? Unthinkable.
Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) responded angrily to the incident and argued that the exercise associated the proud socialist nation with terrorism.
They're not terrorists. They're liberationists.
The Met’s deputy assistant commissioner Maxine de Brunner has written to the campaign group offering “a sincere and unreserved apology on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service.”
She said: “This was clearly a regrettable error, which I take full responsibility for.
“This has been investigated and the role actor has been spoken to. He genuinely did not think of the significance and implications of wearing a T-shirt with a national flag on it.
“The impact has been explained, he is genuinely sorry and states there was no intention to cause offence or associate the Cuban people with terrorism.”
If you overlook all the support Cuba has given, for several decades, to paramilitary organizations dedicated to overthrowing governments in Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Columbia, Angola, Mozambique, Algeria, Spain and France, that is.

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