Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Streets of San Francisco paved with

...not bad intentions. So, don't blame us for one person getting shot;
Mayor Ed Lee issued a statement saying city policy was never intended to protect “repeat, serious and violent felons.” He asked for federal and local agencies to review what happened.
Kathryn Steinle should take comfort in that? But is what Mayor Lee is now saying, true de facto?
For more than two decades, San Francisco has been considered a sanctuary for people in the U.S. illegally.
And the murderer, Francisco Sanchez, knew it;

From jail, Sanchez told a KGO-TV reporter in a mix of Spanish and English that he found the gun wrapped in a T-shirt while sitting on a bench at the pier.

“So I picked it up and … it started to fire on its own,” Sanchez said, adding that he heard three shots go off.

Asked if he came to San Francisco because of its sanctuary status, he said yes.
But he's not a guy to hold a grudge;
“I only want to say that if the court wants to find me guilty, I wouldn’t get mad,” Sanchez said ....
No, but the people who run San Francisco probably would.

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