Monday, July 20, 2015

Brand it like Beckham

Exotic cars are like belly buttons, everyone has one;
“Lamborghini has sold more cars in the last 10 years than they sold in the past 40 combined,” [McKeel] Hagerty [of Hagerty Insurance] says. “They went from making a few hundred a year in the ’70s to making thousands last year.”
Which Insurance Journal puts down to social media;
According to analysis by Black Book, the prevalence of modern and classic luxury cars on social media platforms like Instagram directly influences their resale value. So when celebrities such as [David] Beckham, Kendall Jenner, or Dwyane Wade post photos that include their cool new whip, whether modern or classic, people notice. And they act accordingly.

“A new, younger generation of collectors has taken to this genre of exotic sports cars, and auction prices are going for a ride,” the report says. “Social networking has a lot to do with this activity.”

“Social media lets people brag without bragging,” says Eric Lawrence, the director of specialty reports at Black Book.
 Even utility infielders on the Boston Red Sox can afford a Bentley these days.

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