Thursday, July 2, 2015

On Wisconsin High Noon

Black Barack rides into town spoiling for a fight with the Cheesehead in Chief;
The stage is set for some high-level political theatrics Thursday as President Barack Obama comes to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to talk about the economy and a new rule to boost the overtime pay of 5 million American workers.

A sign that reads "Middle Class Economics" hangs behind the stage where Obama is due to speak in the early afternoon.
But before he unholsters his mouth, the President will have to deal with Wisconsin's Governor, Scott Walker, who himself would like to become POTUS.
 Politico played up the Obama-Walker rivalry beneath the headline "Obama will badger Scott Walker in Wisconsin."
The website quotes a White House aide saying, "The contrast between our approach on economic issues and the governor's is emblematic of the contrast between the president and the Republican Party at large."
Yeah, we're willing to bet that Republicans aren't so stupid that they'd buy collision insurance on a $1,300 beater automobile either. Or, that they think profits eat up overhead, as the CEO of USA does. Today's shootout will be over the Administration's brilliant idea that businesses should have to pay overtime to their salaried managers if they work more than 40 hours per week.  Which is answered nicely by Idiosyncratic Whisk's Kevin Erdman;
I think this is a great example of the "What's the Matter with Kansas?" problem.  Progressives place a bunch of constraints of the lives of the working poor, then they expect to be hoisted triumphantly into office on the shoulders of people they have harmed.  When a worker making $800 on 50 hours of work has to go home and tell her family she is now making $600 on 40 hours of work because new federal rules on overtime pay make the 50 hour arrangement uneconomical, she doesn't need to understand the theoretical subtleties of economics to understand what's happened. 
A little more likely to happen: If salaried entry-level managers now cost their employers $800 per week and are required to be in attendance for 50 hours (which works out to $16 per hour in case President Obama reads this), an overtime pay mandate by the all knowing government--led by a man who wrote in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, that he felt he was behind enemy lines when he worked in the business world as an editor of a business newsletter--will not result in those managers earning $24 for the last ten hours they work each week. But  merely with said managers' pay stubs reading;

40 hours straight time @ $14.50 = $ 580.00
10 hours overtime @ $21.75..........$ 217.50
Total gross pay...............................$ 797.50
All that sound and fury to (in)signify a $2.50 pay cut for the people Obama is preening about.

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