Monday, July 20, 2015

Economists in bars getting sloshed

Bill Virgin of the Tacoma News Tribune thinks Jerry Seinfeld is transforming the comedy business model;
...content providers are having to adjust to changing viewing habits, by offering up full shows on demand, or carving them up so fans can watch a few highlights (this has especially happened with late-night talk shows).

Now comes the made-for-Internet show such as “Comedians in Cars [Getting Coffee].” On “Live From Daryl’s House,” singer Daryl Hall chats and plays with fellow musicians, some well established, others of a much younger generation, in a highly informal setting and format. Jay Leno, himself a huge car guy, hosts “Jay Leno’s Garage,” although it’s hosted on NBC’s website.

Expect more of this, since there’s great appeal to both viewers and program creators. For people such as Seinfeld, this new approach provides much greater creative control with fewer headaches.
Well, why not econbloggers? Such as those wily Canadians;
Does beer quality inequality result from other forms of inequality, like disparities in income and wealth? Or do the forces that produce income inequality also produce beer quality inequality? Is it a spurious correlation, or is the armchair empiricist's observation that the US has more beer ine-quality simply wrong?

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