Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Punk in our time

Arab leaders aren't happy about Barack Obama's piece of paper;
Iran's nuclear deal with world powers on Tuesday will make the Middle East a "more dangerous part of the world" if it comes with too many concessions, a Saudi official told Reuters, signalling Gulf Arabs' deep unease at the agreement.

Told as background, that is.
The lack of official responses from Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies reflected huge nervousness about a deal set to end the pariah status of Iran, already Riyadh's main rival for influence across the Middle East, and unchain its economy from crippling sanctions.

However, it was largely left to journalists, clerics and analysts to articulate those fears, which go hand in hand with a sense that Saudi Arabia's main ally, Washington, now has divided loyalties after helping Iran to come in from the cold.
Since we helped the current Iranian regime into power, under Jimmy Carter. Today, Iran supports Hezbollah, as well as Syria's Bashar Assad and Yemen's Houthis.
While acknowledging that the Vienna deal would mean "a happy day" for the Middle East if it stopped Iran gaining a nuclear arsenal, the [unnamed] Saudi official told Reuters through a social network that he feared it would instead allow Iran "to wreak havoc in the region".
"We have learned as Iran's neighbours in the last 40 years that goodwill only led us to harvest sour grapes," he said.
Something some American politicians have yet to learn.

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  1. Former President Bill Clinton updated the political dictionary when he replied to a question.
    Q: Do you have any relationship with your intern Monica Lewinsky?
    A: No

    Clinton explained later that he didn't have a relationship at that moment, so No was the truth.

    Now Team Obama says that the nuclear treaty with Iran "( Prevents Iran from developing a nuclear weapon)". That is, it prevents Iran at this moment from developing a nuclear weapon.