Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shiver...it's me timbers

The wreckage of a pier, not a treasure ship off Madagascar;
Claims that a team of explorers discovered a famous 17th Century pirate shipwreck off the coast of Madagascar have been dismissed by UN experts.

A 50kg (7st 9lb) bar of "silver treasure" recovered from the sea was in fact 95% lead, the UN statement said.
It had been presented to the President of that island nation in May. But Unesco says, Don't try this at home.
"...what had been identified as the Adventure Galley of the pirate Captain Kidd has been found by the experts... to be a broken part of the Sainte-Marie port constructions."
Authorities in Madagascar should "only permit interventions by a competent team led by a qualified underwater archaeologist", Michel L'Hour, head of the Unesco technical team, added.
Yo, ho ho. Time to hit the bottle of rum.

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