Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You'll have to answer to the NEA for this, Jack

ISIS may have finally outraged the wrong people;
BAGHDAD — ISIS has announced monthly taxes on students attending schools and colleges in Iraq's second-largest city, parents and a security official said Wednesday. Iraqi government schools have been state-funded since 1974. But parents in Mosul — which ISIS militants now control — have been told they must pay 25,000 Iraqi dinars (about $21) for every child attending kindergarten, 50,000 dinars ($42) for high-school students and 75,000 dinars ($62.50) for college undergraduates, a mother of three and another father-of-three told NBC News.
Senator Patty Murray (who is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nat'l Education Assn.) could not be reached for comment.

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