Thursday, November 13, 2014

Will it ever Don on them?

Sir Arnold Robinson: [calmly pours his coffee] Hmm, difficult. Depends a bit on whether you actually were spying or not. [notices Sir Humphrey's horrified expression] One must keep an open mind.
Sir Humphrey: But I couldn't have been! I wasn't at Cambridge!

That somebody has to pay their salaries;
In Cambridge, students set up gazebos and tables on the private lawn for a day-long “free university teach-in” with some academic staff taking part.
When they could have been tutoring their students?
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett also made an appearance on the off-limits lawn after spotting the protest on her way to a Cambridge Union debate.
The expenses of that debate were covered how?
Activists unfurled banners setting out their demands. They were later visited by university proctors in gowns and mortarboards who insisted they were present “to look after your welfare” and “to protect your freedom of speech.”
But Cambridge has a record of victimising activists, suspending a student in 2012 for preventing then-universities minister David Willetts from speaking.
 Who, presumably, doesn't have a right to freedom of speech.
 At Warwick University, a rally for free education was addressed by student union reps and lecturers last night.
Recently reinstated English don Thomas Docherty was among the speakers.
Why does he need 'reinstate[ment]', can't he teach for free?

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