Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Too many cooks don't spoil their broth makers

Spare the spatula? Not in France's take-it-like-a-man kitchens;
Pinay-Rabaroust pinned the violence on the kitchen being a "very young, very masculine" place.
"There is a fight to rise through the ranks, the top chefs are increasingly absent from their kitchens and so the seconds-in-command must make a place for themselves and show who is the strongest. There is testosterone involved," he said.
Just like in an NFL locker room?
"We have all witnessed a dish rejected by the chef flying across the kitchen, massive screaming matches, but I have never seen fighting in the kitchen," said chef Thierry Marx, a specialist in molecular gastronomy.
Marx explains that chefs are "getting younger and younger and often don't have any managerial experience."
He also blames capitalist competition;
They also face greater pressure due to a surge in online reviewing of restaurants.

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