Monday, November 10, 2014


Former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov says Putin plays for keeps, and we should too;
“What we are seeing in Russia is a resurgence of imperialism and nationalism in its most dangerous form,” he said, comparing Russia's actions in Ukraine and Putin's domestic propaganda to Nazi Germany on the eve of World War II.
And like Hitler, Putin's operating from weakness;
“Russian gas is one third of EU consumption. But Russia sells 80 percent of its oil and gas to Europe … If it all stopped, parts of the EU would freeze, but the Russian economy would fall apart”, he noted.
“The leverage is on the European side”.
The question for Kasparov is whether Europe and America have the gumption;
“There is an indifference in the West to Putin’s abuse of power and to Russia’s total degradation of its own courts and legal system … The West is still willing to negotiate compromises and to sacrifice individuals for the sake of bigger deals”, Kasparov said.
Mister, we could use a man like Ronald Reagan again;
Kasparov’s advice to EU policy makers is to play the long game against the Kremlin.
He said the sanctions regime is damaging Putin’s standing inside the Russian elite.
“Europe must keep its resolve and must maintain the sanctions. Putin is gambling that they are temporary. He is telling his inner circle that they will be lifted in the next six or eight months”.
“It’s important to send the message that they won't be lifted and to give full support to Ukraine. Body language is very important. But we are not seeing the right body language from the West”, he added.
Hit the reset button.

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