Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Will the Supreme Court follow the election returns?

While we enjoyed Rick Wilson's piece here;
President Obama will hold a press conference today in the wake of last night’s tidal wave of Republican Senate and Congressional victories. His reality-distortion field will be in overdrive; the humiliating defeat of an election defined almost entirely by opposition to his agenda will be bullishly reinterpreted as an opportunity for America to realize — once again — just how much they’ve disappointed him.
First, you’ll see his barely-contained contempt for the voters. After the briefest nod to their unhappiness, they’ll be described as angry, disaffected, and easily fooled by dark money and deceptive television ads. If only America was smart enough to understand his vision. If only they had his advantages of godlike wisdom and preternatural intelligence they’d understand what a terrible mistake they’ve just made. He’ll be very sad for them, really.
 we think that Barack Obama's take on last night's Democrat debacle is less important than that of Chief Justice John Roberts. Without whose vote to recognize the PPACA as constitutional, last night might have turned out very differently--only 33 of the 60 senators who voted to pass Obamacare will now remain in office.

Right this minute the Court is deciding whether or not to hear an expedited challenge to the constitutionality of the IRS regulations being promulgated in furtherance of the financing of that law. IOHO, they will have to accept what amounts to a re-thinking of John Roberts' rationale back in 2012.

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