Monday, November 17, 2014

We had to reclassify the village idiot ...

As Senator Al Franken, so he wouldn't destroy his ability to make everyone laugh at his illogic. As at this from his appearance on CNN with Candy Crowly, talking about the mislabeled 'net neutrality';
CROWLEY: What is it that is broken that...
FRANKEN: Nothing.
CROWLEY: So if nothing is broken, why is the government wanting to fix it?
FRANKEN: Well, what's broken is that...
No, this was not a skit on SNL, but a network talk program yesterday.  Without missing a beat, Franken completely contradicted his 'nothing' is broken statement, with this explanation of what was 'broken';
 ...the current FCC has suggested going to paid prioritization or fast lanes. So let's go back to what net neutrality is.
All content is treated neutrally. It travels, essentially, at the same speed, if you will, so that CNN's Web site, a blog from a blogger in Duluth, Minnesota travels at the same speed "The New York Times" travels, their Web site travels at the same speed.
That's the way it's been from the beginning. And we want to keep it that way
By changing the rules under which the internet got to be what it is.

He decided to develop his sit-down comedy routine further;
CROWLEY: If Netflix wants you not to have the little circles in your house when you're looking at Netflix, it could pay more and get on a - in the fast lane, as it were?
FRANKEN: Yes. And let me tell you why this is a terrible, terrible, terrible idea to have a fast lane.
Because it's so enjoyable to have 'little circles in your house when you're looking at Netflix'?
CROWLEY: So what about the argument that this now takes the Internet providers, the Comcasts, the AT&T, and gives them no real reason to innovate, that they will hold back on expanding the band?
CROWLEY: What about that argument?
FRANKEN: That's baloney. They - they want - they - they've been doing this all along. They've been doing this since the beginning of the the Internet. This isn't going to stop this. All this stop them from doing is making a whole bunch of extra money.
Changing the rules won't change the behavior of what they've been doing all along? What they've been doing to make a bunch of extra money now. If the government now regulates that behavior out of existence, nothing will change?

The voters of Minnesota just re-elected this guy. If what they wanted was a comedian representing them in the Senate, he's their boy.

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