Thursday, November 20, 2014

Papal infallability

It almost never fails, whenever i Papi engage in economic analysis, they look foolish (and should lose their moral authority);
Market speculation and pursuit of profits are hindering the global fight against hunger and poverty, Pope Francis said Thursday (Nov. 20).
In an address at a U.N. conference in Rome on nutrition, the pope urged the world’s wealthiest nations to do more to help those in need.
More than the massive increase in the amount of food available thanks to The Green Revolution?
“Perhaps we have paid too little heed to those who are hungry,” the pope told delegates from more than 170 countries attending the global gathering at the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization.
Other than by Norman Borlaug, you mean?
“It is also painful to see that the struggle against hunger and malnutrition is hindered by ‘market priorities,’” the pope said.
When the reality is that it was market priorities that led to the near-eradication of famine worldwide. Obesity is now a major health problem in most of the world.
“The hungry remain, at the street corner, and ask to be recognized as citizens, to receive a healthy diet. We ask for dignity, not for charity.”
We ask for religious leaders who might have read a little of the economics literature, before mouthing their platitudes about 'the poor'.Or even, read Bill Gates' blog.

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