Monday, November 3, 2014

Water, water, everywhere...what's not to think?

In San Francisco (where not thinking is performance art);
Many propositions for addressing inadequate affordable housing ignore the reality that San Francisco, unlike Los Angeles or San Jose, is surrounded on three sides by water. Therefore, measures that seek to overturn the laws of supply and demand either don’t work or work for some at great harm to others.
So minimum wage laws won't work in San Francisco either?  Better not go there. Instead, get a tee time;
What Ed Lee and the Board of Supervisors might consider is an independent task force to examine the feasibility of building affordable housing on some of the city’s six public golf courses that sit on more than 3,000 acres.
If half of the public golf courses were available for development, San Francisco could build up to 160,000 affordable housing units.
Supposedly because the demographic is turning against golfing. If so, then that message would get delivered to the proprietors of the golf courses through market signals, and the fairways would be transferred to more highly valued uses.

Unless, the golf courses were publicly owned (effectively by no one). Whether or not there's an ocean nearby.

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