Monday, November 3, 2014

AIG on their faces?

So, the wise guys said fuhgeddaboutit when Hank Greenberg said he was going to sue;
This week, we have witnessed one of the odder lawsuits in recent memory: that of Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the former CEO and one of the largest shareholders of the American International Group, against the U.S. government.....
The case undoubtedly has entertainment value.  ....

Greenberg is likely to lose his case, and for good reason.
That's from Zachary Karabell in Slate, less than a month ago. Today some aren't laughing quite as heartily though;
Lawyer David Boies has a shot at an upset win in the trial of Maurice “Hank” Greenberg’s $25 billion bailout case against the U.S. government, a turnaround from the weak odds he was given just a month ago.
Boies, representing Greenberg and other American International Group Inc. shareholders, has had a series of evidentiary rulings go his way since the trial began Sept. 29 in Washington.
That's today, in Insurance Journal, written by Andrew Zajac and Christie Smythe, who read some tea leaves;
U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Thomas Wheeler frequently overruled government objections to Boies’s questions and handed him beneficial evidence rulings.
....Wheeler rebuked Justice Department lawyers several times for attempting to rely on hearsay testimony, introducing exhibits in violation of trial rules about redactions, and dragging out proceedings by reading lengthy passages from documents.
Wheeler, 66, who is hearing the case without a jury, chided several witnesses... for evasive or non-responsive answers to Boies’s questions.
It isn't over, til it's over, but....

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