Monday, November 24, 2014

Deliver the Bud in Dodges

Just a suggestion--have John and Horace Dodge (who are all the rage on TV ads just now)  load the beer in their own pick-ups--now that the Clydesdale horse power is benched for Christmas;
Budweiser is putting its Clydesdales out to pasture for the holidays. The country's No. 3 beer brand says the horses will not appear in its traditional holiday advertising this year....
Budweiser used to be the number one brand in the U.S., but its market share is half of what it was in 1988;  According to Beer Marketer's Insights' executive editor Eric Shepard;
"You look around, and we have this huge group of young drinkers, almost half of them have never tried the brand," Shepard said.
Ahead of Thanksgiving, Budweiser has been running ads for its "Holiday Crates" that includes 18-packs of Budweiser bottles. The company says the crates are replicas of those that were used to deliver the beer to retailers after Prohibition. The ads feature younger people dedicating beers to their loved ones.
The Clydesdales have been associated with Budweiser since 1933, when the company introduced them to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition for beer.
Have the kids heard of Prohibition?

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