Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Call me non-Iberian

Which is why you should call me, Scandinavian, in Spain;
Daniel Selling runs One Contact, which operates out of Barcelona, selling cable television and handling appointments and queries for the Swedish vehicle inspection body. Most of the 150-strong workforce is aged around 23. Selling says the company saves around 25 percent on its wage bill by operating out of Spain. “The other advantages of working here are that people don’t mind staying late, because they know that bars are restaurants are open until all hours, not like in Sweden....
.... Selling believes that more and more Scandinavian companies will relocate to Spain in the coming years. “Salaries and rents are much lower in Spain,” he says.
One Swedish businessman says that many in the business community back home fear that the recently elected Socialist Party government will raise taxes, and this may encourage a further exodus to Spain: “This country is not the most efficient in the world. It’s not Germany, but the weather is bad in Sweden and it’s expensive,” he says.
Now, if it just had its own Central Bank.

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