Thursday, November 27, 2014

Muchas gracias, Colombia

For an example of how important the establishment of secure property rights are. And how even well meaning groups like Amnesty International--with all their horses and all their men and women--can't put a country back together again, after a Marxist inspired civil war;
 Hundreds of thousands of people displaced from their land during five decades of civil war in Colombia could lose out unless the government returns the property fairly and jails those responsible for driving families from their homes, an Amnesty International official says.
Almost six millions Colombians were scattered. Driven off their land by Castroite thugs (and those who had to deal with them), going back to 1964. Now, after half a century, that the FARC guerillas are mostly defeated, a law--Victims and Land Restitution Law--is supposed to put things right.
"A law that was very important and positive when it passed is now running the risk of failing," Madrid-based [Esteban] Beltran [of Amnesty International] said during a visit to Colombia to promote the group's two-year investigation into land returns.
Which is about all they can hope to accomplish; promoting their investigation. So far;

Fewer than 3,000 people have returned to their properties and only 800 perpetrators have been prosecuted under the 2011 law, he said, adding that violence against claimants is common.
Some 35 murders are under investigation.
Because Colombian is still pitted against Colombian for the political spoils. Which is what usually happens when politicized groups like AI get involved.

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