Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chercher la femmeconomics

France advances to three decades ago feminism;
...a women’s rights group that claimed women were being systematically targeted by a hidden “pink” – or “woman” – tax.
The group is known as Georgette Sand, a play on 19th century French author George Sand, who famously used a male pen name in order to sell her novels.
Taking snapshots of products marketed for men and women, the group singled out Monoprix, a supermarket whose name translates as “one price”, as a particular offender.
In one case, Georgette Sand said women paid an extra eight euro cents for a packet of Monoprix’s standard razors, and got half as many razors as men.
So, the admission is that French women are too stupid to buy their razors in packages labeled 'Men's'? That the socialist government can remedy this?

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