Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Dr. is in

Unfortunately for Barack Obama, Jonathan Gruber et al, his name is Dr. John Goodman, and he's actually read the PPACA. Worse, he's making a list of six of its shortcomings and checking them off. Here's just one example;
In the developed world, the health policy community is excessively focused on health insurance, even to the point of ignoring healthcare. In fact, studies of waiting times and the inability to get care are often derided as right-wing attempts to undermine the concept of social insurance. The less-developed world has the opposite vision. Almost all the countries south of our border offer free care to the general population, but they don't hand everyone an insurance card.

I believe that this difference in vision is partly explained by the difference in income and wealth. Middle- and upper-middle-income families need insurance to protect their assets. Poor families don’t have assets. They don’t need insurance. They do need health care, however.

The ACA was designed by middle- and upper-middle-income people. They chose for poor people the same thing they would want for themselves. They didn’t think about access to care because they have never had a personal problem with it.
And in that self-unaware process have probably created a system that will result in worse healthcare for those very poor they're claiming to be helping. What else is new?

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