Thursday, November 20, 2014

Barack can have the bragging rights

Somehow we don't think he'll be taking credit for saving this for GM;
GM said it would invest an additional 500 million euros ($626 million) in Opel facilities in Germany and Poland.
Visiting the Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany, on Thursday, Chief Executive Mary Barra said the money would go into the production of new engines and gearboxes, with Opel locations in Kaiserslautern in Germany and Tychy in neighboring Poland also to profit from the parent company's investment drive.
"Opel is of great strategic importance for us," Barra said in a statement, adding that the additional resources now being made available should be understood as a signal of GM's full commitment to it European subsidiary.
Well, rescuing the auto industry was all about jobs, jobs, jobs. So, happy?

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