Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Redistribution is a government monopoly

And the Cubans don't like competition from Venezuelans;
El pasado 16 de octubre fueron detenidas en La Habana dos mujeres venezolanas mientras abandonaban el país después de pasarse una semana en Cuba. Maria José de 32 años y Andreina González de 26 años fueron interceptadas por el Departamento Técnico de Investigación (DTI) y detenidas por presuntos delitos de cambio ilícito de dólares y venta de ropa. Ese mismo día fueron encarceladas en la prisión de 100 y Aldabó, en La Habana.
Which is from Cuban blogger Yusnaby Perez, relating what he was told by a young Venezuelan woman who had been detained at the Havana airport by Cuban thug-police for...sharing some of her wealth (clothing) with Cubans. She spent two weeks in a Cuban prison and had over $1000 US seized. Not to mention that she'd had to bribe her way out of Venezuela at that country's airport, with $200, because she tried to leave with food and clothing.

Seems that the Cuban and Venezuelan authorities have quite a scam operating at both airports. Venezuelans bring items into Cuba that aren't available on la isla, and then the money that was exchanged between consenting adults in the process, is confiscated.

Of course, that gravy train might get derailed when words gets around Venezuela.

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  1. Those cheap foreign imports theoretically keep a productive Cuban clothing industry from expanding. As in the US.