Friday, November 21, 2014

Is Boris Badenov?

To thumb his nose at the taxman in the USA while occupying the high profile job of Mayor of London;
Boris Johnson, London’s outspoken mayor who is tipped as a potential successor to British Prime Minister David Cameron, has picked a fight with an unlikely adversary: Uncle Sam.
The American-born British politician has made headlines in the U.K. after saying he would refuse to pay a U.S. tax bill. He has been hit with a bill for an undisclosed sum relating to capital gains on the sale of his home [in the UK], he told National Public Radio in an interview Nov. 13.
“The United States comes after me, would you believe it, for capital gains tax on the sale of your first residence, which is not taxable in Britain,” Mr. Johnson said during an interview to promote his biography of wartime leader Winston Churchill. ....
Mr. Johnson added that he doesn’t intend to pay. “I think it’s absolutely outrageous. Why should I?”
The 50-year-old left America when he was five years old but continues to hold both a U.S. and a British passport. As a result, he is liable for tax in both jurisdictions.
Maybe he can apply to Barack Obama for amnesty.

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