Monday, May 4, 2015

You deserve a break today

At McDonald's, when profitability suffers, the customers get more attention;
[CEO Steve] Easterbrook ...repeatedly stressed ...that the company will focus more on listening to customers, saying there will be "less sweeping talk of millennials" as though they're a homogenous group. The company is also working on improving perceptions about the quality of its food with items like a trio of new sirloin burgers. In New York City, Easterbrook said McDonald's is partnering with Postmates to offer delivery starting Monday.
We'll bring the burgers!
The "turnaround blueprint" comes as McDonald's is fighting intensifying competition from a variety of players and has admitted that it failed to keep up with changing tastes.
I.e., it failed to appeal to the self-interest of its potential customers and lost out in the marketplace. Nothing in Candice Choi's AP story suggests that the problems in the company come from not paying a minimum wage of $15/hr. Nor that any of that 'intensifying competition' comes from restaurants that do.

McDonald's, as do all profit seeking businesses, exists to serve the consumer, not its workforce. Which is so obvious you wouldn't think it necessary to even say it, but for the interested sophistry of political entrepreneurs who have confounded the common sense of mankind.
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