Saturday, May 9, 2015

In a decent society

Sophistry like in the above You Tube video would get you on a shunned list.

At the very least, Robert Reich would be forced to put his own money where his considerable mouthiness is. I.e., start a business where he pays the least capable employees $15 per hour, and see how long he can stay in business.

The only way a business can pay $15 per hour for labor is if the customers of the business will voluntarily part with $15 for an hour of the employees production. Which they won't if they don't value that production that high.

No matter how many cartoons Reich draws.

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  1. Can we PLEASE at least acknowledge the alternative to minimum wage as proposed by Friedman: the Negative Income Tax / Earned Income Tax Credit?

    Any debate that only considers the 19th century proposal about wages and ignores the 20th century development of an alternative should be laughed at, not least for one side of that debate calling itself "progressive" and "on the right side of history".