Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remembrance of gringa's past

The former temporary President of Honduras had his day in the sun...and his fill of Barack Obama's Sec'y of State, Hillary Clinton;
Roberto Micheletti Baín played a significant role in the political crisis that struck Honduras in 2009. He assumed the presidency of the country when the Supreme Court of Justice ordered the arrest of then-President Manuel Zelaya, who was subsequently expelled from the country by the armed forces.
Which didn't sit well with some outsiders;
What was your most difficult moment? 

There were several. For instance, when Hugo Chávez told us that he was going to attack us, it was a moment of concern. When there was a popular mobilization in Tegucigalpa because Manuel Zelaya was supposed to land there, but he never did. He attempted to enter the country via Nicaragua, with economic support from Brazil, Nicaragua, Hugo Chávez, and all those leftists.
Micheletti refused to fold, because he didn't want his country to become a disaster like Venezuela. Then the heavy weight showed up;
An individual named Dan Restrepo told me that the gringos didn’t care what kind of government it was, even a socialist or a communist government, provided that it negotiated with them. He was a representative for [US President Barack] Obama and [then-Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton.
It was then when he warned me I would be punished, that I would no longer be able to enter the United States due to my attitude. I’ve always been in favor of Americans, but not the US government, and I have to point to the Obama administration as the worst government for the people of Latin America.
But, forewarned is forearmed;
They asked me to hand power to Zelaya, but fortunately a Venezuelan national called Alejandro Peña Esclusa told me: “President, do not hand power to Zelaya, because the gringos have tricked us before; they told us to hand power back to Hugo Chávez, and see how it turned out.” I was always remembering this when the gringos arrived to ask me that.
Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Hillary!
I believe that millions of Hondurans are frustrated. The gringos did this to benefit who knows who, to curry favor with Chávez, to flatter the left. But in the end we see how the country [Venezuela] that kicked off this farce of 21st-century socialism is currently in its direst hour, even when it’s the richest country of the Americas — materially speaking — with tons of crude oil, and in both poor and rich neighborhoods they don’t have enough to eat.
It must be remembered that Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala were under left-wing governments, leaving Mexico and Honduras. Chávez’s plan was to obtain 500,000 Central American votes to elect the leftist leader in Mexico, Manuel López Obrador, but after the failure of his plot in Honduras, it wasn’t possible.
Viva la gringa, who succeeded by failing to have her way.

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