Friday, May 1, 2015

Mayday! Mayday! Transport workers of the world, unite ...

to buy insurance from the capitalists competing to supply the goods needed;
Uber and an unusual pay-by-the-mile auto insurance company have teamed up to make sure that drivers have either personal or company coverage at all times.

.... San Francisco-based Metromile's product will let Uber drivers use their personal insurance for the miles they drive when they are cruising on their own time or waiting to be hooked up with a paying passenger. The combination will make sure that the drivers in their personal cars are covered by either their own policies or an Uber policy any time they are on the road.

.... Uber and Metromile have come up with the ride-sharing industry's “first technology solution” that “strives to provide continuous, seamless insurance coverage for Uber driver partners,” the companies said in a statement Wednesday.
Even the politicized insurance commission in California went along with the innovation.
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