Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Try making a film starring Andy Garcia, why doncha?

Self-unawareness alert from Cuba;
One of the greatest figures of contemporary global cinema, Costa-Gravas, traveled to Havana to present his film Capital, included as a tribute work in the 18th French Cinema Festival, scheduled April 30 through the end of May.
The Greek barely concealed his gift for irony, at a press conference; “Cuban cinema has always interested me; to see how a country emerging from a revolution quickly developed a national cinema industry and made important films.”

Almost as impressive as Leni Riefenstahl. Then, this;
Costa Gavras has always been admired for the breadth of his social and political outlook, avoiding Manichaeism and stereotypes, which has seen him become the chief pioneer of so-called “political cinema.”
So, about the cleverly named new film, Capital;
I talk about the economy, money, about how today bankers control the world and have more power than politicians. I try to reflect reality, in this case a cruel reality about the power of banks, the desire for money and disregard for the average citizen.
Stereotypes? We're just good friends.

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