Monday, May 4, 2015

People's Liberation Robots

According the China Daily, in the People's Republic of China they kowtow to the Laws of Supply and Demand (and prosper);
A manufacturing hub in South China's Guangdong province has begun constructing the city's first zero-labor factory, a signal that the local authorities are bringing into effect its "robot assembling line" strategy.
In the world's most populous country;
"The 'zero-labor factory' does not mean we will not employ any humans, but what it means is that we will scale down the size of workers by up to 90 percent," said Chen Qixing, the [Everwin Precision Technology Ltd] company's board chairman.
Which will cut the workforce from 2,000 to 200. Which is necessary, because;
"It is necessary to replace human workers with robots, given the severe labor shortage and mounting labor costs," said Di Suoling, head of Dongguan-based Taiwan Business Association.
 Maybe that 'one child policy' of Chairman Mao wasn't such a great idea after all. Like all the rest of his ideas.

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