Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's the matter with kids today

They're so dumb they think Google operates itself, Excel is too hard, and What's a library?
Many young adults still can't use Google efficiently. One study of college students at Illinois Wesleyan cited by Time found that just 23% (seven of 30 interviewed) were able to conduct a "well-executed" Google search. An Inside Higher Ed account of the study said:
They were basically clueless about the logic underlying how the search engine organises and displays results. Consequently, the students did not know how to build a search that would return good sources. (For instance, limiting a search to news articles, or querying specific databases such as Google Book Search or Google Scholar.)
And probably wouldn't appreciate The Music Man either;
The Illinois Wesleyan study was commissioned to find out why students seem to be so bad at research. It begins by noting that most students can't find the campus library, and the ones who can don't know how to ask a librarian for help.

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