Thursday, May 7, 2015

Safety in numbers, Comrades

The socialists at Morning Star: The People's Daily are on pins and needles in the UK today, hoping the scepter'd isle will become more like that one in the Caribbean where the royal family is named Castro;
Recently, Cuba held its municipal elections, where 90 per cent of voters capable of participating in these elections cast their ballots.
Those currently travelling, abroad or away from their municipality were unable to cast their vote — thus, the 90 per cent attendance speaks of truly massive support for Cuba’s political system.
Well, there's another explanation for the 90% turnout, but note the envy;
It will be a lot more than today’s British general election, or council elections.
Where people are free to ignore politics if they think it pointless for their own lives. Which politics never is in Cuba. There it even extends to how you eat, where you sleep (and with whom), what work you can do and what you get paid. As former Chilean diplomat Jorge Edwards--who experienced it firsthand for a mere 4 months--described it;
I was very much affected by the feeling of being watched by the police at all times, and this had gone so far as to cause me persistent insomnia and physical difficulty in breathing, together with pains in the chest and the sensation of being on the point of having a heart attack.

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