Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spies like U.S.

Bienvenido, agente de espionaje

Granma forgets to mention that the lady is a spy;
[Last week] the Cuban delegation to the third round of talks with the United States arrived in Washington; a continuation of the bilateral conversations initiated at the end of January. This session will focus on the process of reestablishing diplomatic relations.

As in the previous talks with representatives of the U.S. government, the Cuban delegation is presided by Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, Ministry of Foreign Relations general director for the United States.
Josephina has been in the U.S. before, with her husband;
In May 2003, the US expelled 14 Cuban diplomats for espionage. Seven diplomats were based at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations and seven at the Interests Section. Among the seven Washington-based spies declared Persona Non Grata was First Secretary Jose Anselmo Lopez PereraHis wife, First Secretary Josefina Vidal, also known to the US as a Cuban Intelligence Officer, voluntarily accompanied her expelled spouse back to Cuba.
HSIB underlined that above, so the readers from the U.S. government wouldn't miss it.

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