Friday, May 8, 2015

Comrade got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

The Morning Star, trying to explain away the failure of Labour in yesterday's UK election, one of the willfully blind squirrels talked long enough to find an acorn;
During the election campaign Elon Musk launched his domestic-scale battery storage system for home-produced electricity.
It doesn’t matter whether this turns out to be the ultimate answer or not. It is a game changer.
Marketed in conjunction with WalMart in the US, and partnering with Lichtblick in Germany, Musk aims to turn “storage” into the same mass-market product that solar has become.
Sure youse guys wanna go there?
Sod your everlasting subsidies to nuclear. Sod your obsessions with oil and fracking. Sod the market mechanisms that (expensively) prop up old energy cartels.
Except that in your admitted game changer, it was market mechanisms that brought it about.
The biggest changes in tomorrow’s energy systems aren’t even waiting for politicians. Soon homes will have generation and storage systems that are as “normal” as central heating.
Workers of the world, unite in ignoring socialist politicians.

Gee, they already have, according the The People's Daily.

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