Sunday, May 10, 2015

Como una mayor demanda por el chocolate

Socialism, what's it good for? Ask the chocolatero venezolana;
The effects of financial downturn often include a slowdown in consumer spending, as cash-strapped citizens hoard their savings. Yet the exception to the rule is provided by Jorge Redmond, who tells the PanAm Post that “people in depressed economies consume products like chocolate to make themselves feel happier.”
Maduroismo = happiness deprivation = more candy sold. Fortunately for Jorge Redmond, president of Chocolates El Rey, a Venezuelan firm that has manufactured chocolate and other products from cacao since 1929, he doesn't have to import cacao. Like oil, the country has it in abundance (though not the wrappings and ink needed).

That, and some of his competition is a joke; even the government is trying to enter the cacao business through direct investment: it has set up two factories, one to process cacao and another one to make chocolate, but they stopped operating two or three years ago. It seems like a joke, but at least our company is doing well.
Seems that Redmond must be eating some of his own product;
So you’re saying it’s possible to succeed in Venezuela despite everything? Would that be your message to those who have lost hope?
The cacao world is very different from the political world. We do know very clearly where we are heading and why, while the political world is full of bumpy roads. There seem to be a lot of failed experiments, and there are still people who insist on preserving models that have proved not to work. I don’t know how that will be resolved, but I’m sure that sooner or later the country will find a way out, because in the political realm this situation is unsustainable.
So put on a happy face and eat up.

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