Wednesday, May 20, 2015

¿Dónde está Arnaldo?

Granma welcomes a distinguished visitor;
The Vice President of Angola, Manuel Domingos Vicente, today paid tribute to the Cuban internationalist fighters killed in his country, while emphasizing the strong ties of friendship that distinguish relations between the two nations.
Count us among the surprised, that Granma wants to go there. With the recent publication of former Fidel bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sanchez's book, The Double Life of Fidel Castro, which contains a chapter entitled; Fidel, Angola and the Art of War, the world can learn that the hero of the Angolan communist victory was not Fidel Castro, but the Cuban General Arnaldo Ochoa.

To defeat the South African forces fighting to overturn the comrades in 1987, Ochoa deliberately ignored Castro's specific orders. Thinking that he, being on the battleground in Africa, was in a better informed position than Fidel, six thousand miles away. As Sanchez puts it, 'The general got it into his head to formulate alternative propositions to the tactical choices decreed by El Jefe.'

That didn't sit well with el lider maximo at all, so he summoned Ochoa back to Cuba in the middle of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale in January 1988, for instruction from Fidel. But back in Angola, Ochoa again disregarded those instructions and went on to win that battle for Cuba's ally.

Sanchez claims he knew Ochoa would pay for doing that, and Less than a year later, Arnaldo Ochoa was shot by a firing squad. By order of Fidel.

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