Thursday, May 14, 2015

Anti-tugboat grannies

The Seattle “Raging Grannies” sing to Port of Seattle commissioners during public testimony on Tuesday about the contract with Foss Maritime at Seattle’s Terminal 5.  (Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times)

Foss Maritime and Shell Oil say, Ship Ahoy, Matesses (actually a drilling platform or two), we're going full speed ahead, because time is money;
Shell Oil says its offshore oil rigs will arrive shortly on Seattle’s waterfront to prepare for drilling in Alaska, despite a Port of Seattle resolution Tuesday asking it to delay while the Port challenges a city ruling aimed at keeping the rigs out.
Shell stands by its contractual rights (and maritime law), because the drilling season in Alaskan waters is short. Any delay in servicing the drilling rigs is tantamount to no drilling at all, this season.
Foss Maritime CEO Paul Stevens, whose company is slated to work on the Shell rigs at Terminal 5, was equally blunt: “We are going to proceed… These rigs and our operation will be in and out of here before there is any conclusion on the appeal process.”
Sing your hearts out, gals.

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