Friday, May 1, 2015

Mayday! Mayday! The DEATH OF MARKETS ...

SFGate shows us, is still greatly exaggerated;
The energy-storage market appears poised for rapid growth, with consulting firm Navigant Research projecting that global revenue will rise from $452 million last year to more than $16.5 billion in 2024. But with so many different competiting companies and technologies — including different battery chemistries and configurations — Tesla isn’t guaranteed success.
The article by David R. Baker began with;
Calling it the “missing piece” in the renewable power revolution, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk on Thursday unveiled the electric automaker’s latest products — batteries big enough to power homes, businesses or entire communities.
Many have called their product the next big thing, but...
The advanced battery industry has already seen several high-profile failures, such as the 2012 bankruptcy of A123 Systems, which supplied batteries for the ill-fated Fisker Karma hybrid car.
But that didn't stop the entrepreneurs from pressing onward;
Joel Makower, chairman of the GreenBiz Group, said the demand for batteries has grown substantially since A123 collapsed, only to be bought and relaunched by a Chinese company.

“With the hockey-stick growth of solar, there’s now a need to store that energy, and that wasn’t there a few years ago,” he said. “The electric cars weren’t there a few years ago.”
Market conditions changed. They might change again, for richer or poorer...
Makower warned, however, that even successful industries suffer casualties in their early years, as some competitors fall by the wayside while others thrive.

“As successful as solar has been become,” he said, “there was a bloody road of corporate carnage that got us here.”
Take that Karl,  Fred and Fanboys.

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