Friday, December 20, 2013

Yearning to eat lutefisk

Norway has experienced a large increase in the number of Southern European immigrants the past year, and statistics suggest that there is more to come.
In Spain and Greece the unemployment rate is now at 26-27 percent. For youth, the numbers are twice as high. ....
When comparing data from November 2012 to November 2013, work immigrants from Greece with jobs has increased by 49 percent, and tops the list of countries with the highest increase.
Spain is in second place, at 39 percent more work immigrants compared to last year, and Portugal is at a shared fourth place at 32 percent.
We note that these immigrants find jobs in Norway, and that Norway has its own central bank (Norges Bank) and currency (Kroner). I.e. they're not hostage to the ECB's monetary policy.
The level of education in the countries by the Mediterranean is quite high, and at the same time the financial crisis has harmed many young adults who have gone straight from school to unemployment. As a result, the immigrants who come are well educated and prepared for the work force. Many of them also have the labor skills that Norway is in desperate need of, such as engineers and kindergarten teachers.

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