Thursday, December 5, 2013

New (Milton) Keynesianism: Taking the people out of their cars...

Many envisage a future when we may not own cars at all but simply hail one to fulfil all our transportation needs.
"I call it mobility on demand. You pop out your mobile phone, say where you want to go and how many people and in a short amount of time a vehicle rolls up," said Brad Templeton, software engineer and adviser to Google on its self-drive car project.
"People will be like the millionaires of old where you just had a driver that did everything. These cars will worry about recharging, parking and refuelling. They will drive down a road without you paying much attention to it," he said.
Such cars will make cities both safer and greener, he thinks.
Bletchley Park is within the town of Milton Keynes (created by government fiat in the 1960s), so let the code breaking begin.

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