Friday, December 6, 2013

If you build a better sandwich...

Or think you have, the customers might not like it, and you'll find out quickly:
Last year, the company tinkered with its production process in a way that confused customers, according to franchisees. Quiznos changed the sandwich assembly process so that most vegetables were placed on the sandwich after it went through the toaster, instead of going through the toaster with the meat, cheese and bread. The idea was that ingredients such as tomatoes, onions and olives would taste fresher because they were served cold atop the sandwich. Regular customers who were used to telling the sandwich maker upfront if they didn't want certain ingredients often found themselves disappointed when the person on the other side of the toaster automatically added them. A few months ago, Quiznos switched back to its former method.
Since Quiznos has competitors--most notably Subway, as well as burger joints and pizza parlors--they had to respond to what the customers really wanted. Management's bright ideas to the contrary.

If we put our heads together, we might think of someone who could benefit from this lesson;
“The challenge, I think, that we have going forward is not so much my personal management style or particular issues around White House organization,” Obama said. “It actually has to do with what I referred to earlier, which is we have these big agencies, some of which are outdated, some of which are not designed properly.”
Obama said “it was obvious that we needed additional controls in place” before Affordable Care Act enrollment began Oct. 1. Yet he said none of those controls center around the structure and style of his White House.
“I’ve got a strong chief of staff, but I’m holding every cabinet member accountable,” Obama said. “And I want to have strong interactions with them directly. Number two is, I have an open door policy, where I want people to be bringing me bad news, on time, so that we can fix things.”
Obama's Law: The buck stops here...unless it doesn't.

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