Wednesday, December 18, 2013

¿Quiénes eran esos hombres enmascarados?

Left wing nihilists, that's who, and they look to be home free now that Michelle Bachelet is about to take office;
The law — otherwise known as the Hinzpeter Law after former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter — originated in 2011 with the aim to increase punishment for individuals causing disturbances at public protests, especially those covering their faces, or “encapuchados.”
The Chamber of Deputies passed a stripped down version of the law in August, though the Senate then rejected the legislation in October, diverting its passage to a mixed commission of senators and deputies. The commission sent a revised version of the law back to the lower house this month, after which it was rejected by 51 votes to 43 on Tuesday.
It's about this;

During the Allende years, the hooligans were known as Las Turbas, and they ran rampant, intimidating ordinary Chileans to leave their farms and businesses. That was forty years ago.

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