Monday, December 23, 2013

Dude, it's like, I'm a professional

 A Portland DEA agent has left his position to join a Seattle firm that invests in the marijuana industry, joining a small but emerging industry that projects to keep growing with legal pot in Colorado and Washington state.
Ten-year DEA veteran Patrick Moen made the jump to Privateer Holdings last month, The Oregonian reported ( ).
The 36-year-old lawyer spent his career busting up trafficking rings for drugs like meth and ecstasy. And he acknowledges that some of his former DEA colleagues are less than enthusiastic about his career choice.
But Moen says the opportunity was too good to pass on.
Nor was he the first;
Moen is the second DEA agent with Oregon ties to make the move to the marijuana industry.Paul Schmidt, who until 2010 served as the highest-ranking DEA agent in Oregon, now works as a medical marijuana business consultant.
Schmidt, 54, acknowledged that some former colleagues consider advising the medical marijuana industry a move to the "dark side." 
Which would tend to put a damper on the supply of DEA agents who want to switch sides, thereby raising the price for those who do.

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