Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Smart enough for Harvard work

Just not smart enough to get out of taking his finals;
A Harvard student trying to get out of a final exam admitted to the FBI that he sent a bomb threat that forced the university to evacuate multiple buildings and rattled the campus, federal officials said Tuesday.
Instead of going home for winter break, 20-year-old Eldo Kim was arrested Tuesday and held overnight on federal bomb hoax charges.
Not a rocket scientist in training, but a social science student specializing in partisan taunting, he's a little behind in his technological skills;
According to an FBI affidavit, Kim used a disposable, temporary e-mail address and a temporary Internet Protocol to send his warning — with the subject line “bombs placed around campus” — to two university officials, Harvard police, and the student newspaper.
But university officials determined by the end of the day that Kim had used a Harvard wireless network to create the IP, prompting an FBI agent and a campus police officer to interview him in his dorm Monday night.
Where did he think he was, in Chile?

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