Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No champagne music, please, We're in Wisconsin

Lawrence Welk, banned in Madison;
Wisconsin's ultra-liberal capital city is a place where just about anything goes, from street parties to naked bike rides. But city officials say a business is pushing even Madison's boundaries by offering, of all things, hugs.
For $60, customers at the Snuggle House can spend an hour hugging, cuddling and spooning with professional snugglers.
Snugglers contend that touching helps relieve stress. But Madison officials suspect the business is a front for prostitution and, if it's not, fear that snuggling could lead to sexual assault. Not buying the message that the business is all warm and fuzzy, police have talked openly about conducting a sting operation, and city attorneys are drafting a new ordinance to regulate snuggling.
But, baby, it's cold outside.

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