Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Argentinian wood

Be a wooden head, if it suits you;

Palo Santo began as a project in the Industrial Design faculty of the University of Buenos Aires two years ago after design student Mariano Gomez began selling the wooden sunglasses that he made at home. Later, Juan Ignacio the founder of Indybuy – an online marketplace for independent designers – joined the brand to lend his expertise in the marketing and management to the business.
Today, Ignacio runs Palo Santo by himself and handles both the manufacture and marketing of the business. From his Palermo Hollywood workshop, the brand encourages responsible consumption and production. He says the business is trying to transmit a message to: “Make the most of resources, care for them, and live more in the fresh air and nature… not so much this idea in the mind to work to earn money and promotions, to think a little more about nature, ecology, and life outdoors. This is the philosophy of Palo Santo.”
But, you need to shade yourself from the natural light of the sun. And, they'll set you back a cool $500.

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