Saturday, December 28, 2013

Never a Strict Separationist around...

when you need one to be interviewed by Mark Mardell of the BBC;
The Reverend Michael Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Hernando, Mississippi, is pretty amazing. ....
He sees signing people up to Obamacare as a spiritual duty, a cure for his congregation's ills.
...."You hurt physically because you are not getting the check-ups and things you need. And then spiritually because you are wondering about your relationship with God.
"And if you are not careful, you are wondering how God let you get into this spot where you don't have coverage."
....So the pastor is what is known as a "navigator" for Obamacare - he gets federal funding to sign people up. [bold, by HSIB]
Perhaps Mr. Mardell is unaware of the First Amendment's supposed 'wall of separation between Church and State'.  But where are the tireless guardians of America's right duty to demand adherence to atheism;
[Michael] Newdow, a physician with a law degree, a five-year-old daughter and an axe to grind with monotheistic religion, decided he wasn't happy about students at his daughter's school standing to say the Pledge each morning. So he took the Sacramento school district to court, charging the Pledge violated the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution, which dictates a strict separation between church and state.
It's even Dr. Newdow's own profession being invaded by the believers, yet he's silent (as far as we know).

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