Thursday, December 19, 2013

Get better headline writers

To the list of ignominy that includes Time Magazine's Men and Women are Different, we add the BBC's 
Cuba's baseball revolution: Why players are turning pro
Adam Smith's 18th century writings may be unavailable in Cuba, but this isn't news in Britain, is it?
"We're moving away from the idea that the state has to look after us, and we're taking care of ourselves," says [third baseman Michel] Enriquez, explaining how the policy change has made it possible for him to buy furniture, furnish his kitchen and install air conditioning in his home.
"I think it's a big advantage. We can afford things with our own salaries and don't have to wait for gifts from the state," he argues. 
Maybe the BBC should have headlined it, Fidel and Raul Maguire: Show us the money;
There are restrictions built into the [Cuban] new arrangement [allowing athletes to play outside Cuba].
Players must return to Cuba for the local season, and a state sports body will manage all contracts, deciding which players can benefit from it, and taking a cut of the cash.
Officials suggest the cut will amount to 20% of a player's total earnings - money which will help fund Cuba's vast national network of free sports coaching that formed players like Enriquez.
The more things change with La Revolución ....

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