Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Now for something completely different...

News doesn't travel well in Armenia, we guess;

Ever since the Soviet break-up Armenians have had to pay for most of the services provided by various medical institutions. Many people in the country have been unable to afford the relatively high cost of medical treatment. Widespread corruption in the healthcare sector only aggravates the problem.
Since the Armenians can't afford health care, Armenians will provide it, paid for by Armenians.
According to [Saro] Tsaturian, [head of the State Healthcare Agency] ...subordinate to the Ministry of Health, the government now wants to extend insurance coverage to Armenia’s entire population. “At the heart of medical insurance is the principle of social solidarity,” he said. “That is why it has to be mandatory.”
“Medical insurance is basically about young people subsidizing older ones and rich people subsidizing poorer ones because the former pay more for health insurance than the latter,” added the official.
That should be great for 'social solidarity'; force some to pay for other's benefits.

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